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Tuesday, 4 January 2022

TDF Rly Home

Welcome to Tumble Down Falls Railway (TDF Rly), the blog for my Garden Railway, and the activities that make it work, if you may wish to read its "Back Story".

In The Beginning

As with most us older railway modellers, I have been building layouts in lots of scales over many years.  starting as a young boy with Hornby 0 Gauge Tin Plate, and then some years late the 00 gauge “train set” for my son, which started my interest in model railways.

The 00 gauge layout led to N Gauge, in a bid to have more running in a small space, then a move of house, more space and back to 00, though eventually “fat fingers” so a change to 0 gauge.  As nice as this scale was, and I was able to build both locos and wagons (from kits), and a bit of “bashing”, the limitation on room meant I was still not content, and needed something else.

 First post of 2020, and the holiday season break has seen me busy.  I have completed my Timpdon 2 Compartment Coach and Generator Wagon, and my Kippo Signal Box to hide the "Temple Yard" turnout switches has been started and almost completed, details to follow.  My other big project is an OcCre San Francisco Streetcar, only just started, and currently trying to work out how to motorize it, again the blog will be updated as this progresses.

Monday, 18 October 2021

October 2021 Update

 A few tasks done this month:

  • The Bachmann 10-wheeler was upgraded to a 4S Li-Ion with a new Rx and ESC, details on the 10-Wheeler page
  • The Points (switches) had their power and control reviewed, more details further down the page.
  • A Bachmann Tram has had work started to convert it to battery power, a new page with details will follow.
  • A Timpdon 2 compartment coach has been started, again a new page will be created to provide details.
  • Finally a Pola "Garden Shed" is under construction updates and photos will follow.

Point Control

Power supply and control units within the garage
Junction box with outgoing power
Conduit from garage to railway
Junction box with connections to points
Photo 1

The point control to the "shed" area is slightly different. It was considered that any manoeuvring in that area would mean you would be closes by, so I decided to run 18 VDC to an IP66 control box, fitted with DPDT Centre off none latching switches to power the point motors. The unit has bee tested and works, however permanent installation will wait until I have constructed a building (Kippo Signal Box) to protect the junction box.

Thursday, 30 September 2021

September 2021 Update

It has been a while since I have updated my blog with the railway activity, so what has happened over the last few months.

  • The extension has had a reverse loop added  more details of that will in Extension "Phase 2" page.
  • The remote operation of the points (switches) motors has been transferred use with a Precision RC Train Engineer Revolution, affectionately know as a Revo, I will provide more details further down this page.
  • All track power has now been removed, along with isolation tracks and point motor supplementary switches. 
  • Wyvern Halt has new station signs mounted in a flower bed with "street" lights:

  • Planning is currently happening for a further extension, though sill in the very early stages, again see further down this page. 
  • To enable better operations, I now wish for the loco to "run around" the train in Wyvern Halt Station, and to enable this to happen the loco need to be uncoupled from the train.  As the train runs "double hooked" two uncoupling ramps are required.  Initially I tried with two "passive" ramps, however the loco/train would uncouple every time, so my next endeavour is to try one electrically operated (on order) and one passive ramp:

  • The railway has now gained its own cat:


When the railway was track powered this was remotely controlled by a Crest Train Engineer (TE), and via an auxiliary receiver,  when the track power was removed all the TE equipment went.

I looked around for various methods to control the points, but already having standard G Gauge point motors I was loath to move to a totally different system.  Luck would have it that I was offered a Precision RC Train Engineer Revolution (Revo) transmitter free, so all I would need would be the Revo "Track Switch Control Rx".  Fine Scale Brass were identified as the UK agent and a unit was ordered.

The unit comes as a bare unit with no casing as shown below, so a project box was obtained and the unit fitted inside.

Set up isn't difficult, however my lack of familiarity with the system did mean if took a couple of attempts to link (bind) the Tx and Rx, however once linked the system works so well a second Rx has now been ordered.

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

April 2021 Update

The weather has been kind and some work has progressed on the railway out side, mainly the final finishing touches to the stream. Some small pebbles bedded in to the bank and damp sand pressed in the damp cement. Obviously a train must be run, so a good photo opportunity

Work finishing the IP Engineering Railbus has been slow, all the electronics have arrived, but there are some issues, so completion of the motorisation is in abeyance. Final finish to the exterior is awaiting decal, they have been on order some weeks, and not arrived yet. It would seem there will be a flurry of work on this as everything is bound to arrive at the same time.

Saturday, 6 March 2021

March 2021 Update

It has been a few months since my last up update, not a lot has happened, though we have been through the festive period.

Looking for a new project I have bought an IP Engineering Colonial Railbus, I will add a new page and document the progress of the build, and detail specifically where I have diverted from the standard building instructions.

Sunday, 29 November 2020

November 2020 Update

November already, and what has been done since the last update. The first thing to mention is the Model Town Engine Shed, as this is just a standard build of a resin building it will just get a mention in the blog, and will not have its own dedicated page. 

Work has also continued on the 10-Wheeler, both the tender and loco body having been painted and the detailing work has now begun, please see Bachmann 10-Wheeler Battery Conversion page for the details of the work so far. 

Model Town Engine Shed 

I found this kit to be one of the earlier ones produced by the company, and a little extra effort was required, however its completion was very satisfying. 

It will eventually have a plinth in the siding😊